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In Alpha Delta Pi, high academic is a key component in our goals as a sisterhood and we have made many achievements by focusing on our academics as a chapter. Our chapter just recently established and fully-funded an ADPi scholarship for 2017 school year to help our sisters reach their academic goals. 

  Our chapter has received:

An organizational GPA exceeds the All Sorority, All Women's and All Campus averages

  • Highest sorority GPA for the past 13/15 semesters
  • Highest sorority GPA during the Fall '15 semester.

In order to help our sisters, our chapter has developed many means of support and encouragement to strive for academic excellences

  • A's Jar - receive a prize for receiving an A on a test or quiz
  • Mandatory study hours for a GPA below 3.0
  • Sister mentors

We are very proud of our sisters and their academic accomplishments at Missouri State University. Whether it is receiving an A on a test, a 4.0 GPA, being involved on campus in an Honors Society, or being accepted into a graduate program, the Gamma Mu Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi continues to strive to motivate our sisters along their journey through college to achieve academic success and by that, success in life.

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